Why Greenfare?

The Problem

When we see around in our cities we often come across colourful, thin, filthy Polythene bags, disposable food plates, cups and pet bottles scattered roadside and especially at the outskirts of every city. This disposables are like “sixty second service much expensive for endless”. The destruction of Mother Nature is enormous and irreversible because of large quantity of litter dumping.


The Change

Ancient Indian put together the green leaves to make dish and bowl for serving the food and for water. Can sophisticated machine make food serving plate from green / plant material? The answer is Yes!

We got a product which is eco-friendly, yet leak proof, strong and fashionable. Just use the food ware on dining table and raise standard of life style.

Enjoy your food in more eco-friendly way!

The Solution

We at Greenfare provides an eco-friendly solutions for disposable Areca Leaf tableware & food containers.

All Greenfare products are 100% biodegradable and easily compostable..which does no harm to the environment, leaves no trace of any waste behind after degradation. Our stringent quality control throughout the manufacturing process ensures hygienic product without any chemical or pesticide residue.


Why Areca Leaf Products?

Ecofriendly disposable Areca leaf tableware are made with naturally fallen leaves of Areca palm tree. Hence no trees were harmed to manufacture the products.

The naturally fallen leaves were collected & cleaned with fresh water before manufacturing the plates. There are no chemicals used in any of the process.

These products are100% Natural & Biodegradable, Food safe, Microwavable, Oven safe, Freezer safe & Compostable.

eco-friendly biodegradable

Since 1993