About Us

About Us

Nature friendly, biodegradable and eco friendly products. 100% natural and compostable

Our Approach

Our Philosophy

“Be the Change you want to see in the world” – Gandhi

Following Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy, we are constantly striving hard to develop eco friendly alternative ways to ensure viability and longevity of earth.

Our Story

Our Story

When dwelling around Mumbai suburbs or even any city across India, every one comes across colourful, thin but filthy Polythene bags, disposable but not eco-friendly food plates and cups and pet bottles. The above attitude, If think little, is like “sixty second service much expensive for endless”. The destruction of Mother Nature is enormous and irreversible because of large quantity of litter dumping.

How to reconstruct ruined nature?

How to make change in attitude of people?

Reconstruction is long time process and discouraging destruction is help for reconstruction!

Medieval Idea with Modern Technology:

Ancient Indian put together the green leaves to make dish and bowl for serving the food and for water. Can sophisticated machine make food serving plate from green / plant material? The answer is Yes!

We got a product which is eco-friendly, yet leak proof, strong and fashionable. Just use the food ware on dining table and raise standard of life style.

Enjoy your life in ecofriendly way!

Meet the Founder

Real backbone of the Greenfare. Harsha is a dreamer, believer,dynamic & yet sensitive. her love for earth has incepted the Greenfare!

Eco Friendly Products

Harsha Sharma

Founder & CEO

Excellent communicator with vast experience of marketing. Harsha is a real strength of Greenfare!